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About Texas Veteran Care


As a kid, I watched my Grandfather struggle financially.  He was a WWII Veteran, recipient of the Purple Heart as he lost his leg in the battle of the Bulge.  Great man, never let that affect his work or routines, but as he aged, we watched the deterioration of his health. The Aid and Attendance benefit has been available for 30-years and could have helped him tremendously for many years, especially as his health deteriorated, but we were never told about it. When I first learned of the Aid & Attendance benefit, I started to work on a benefit application for him. After months of fighting through the system, it was very clear this process is much too complicated and time consuming for anyone, much less seniors with ailing health.

Over the years I’ve learned most Veterans have no idea the Pension exists.  That frustrates me still to this day. It lit a fire in me to help others and it’s been a driving passion for me ever since.  Perhaps a way for me to give back. This is why I created Texas Veteran Care.  My goal with every Veteran’s Family is to get them what they deserve, do it in a timely manner, with 100% accuracy and compliance.

Early in my career I worked in the High-Tech Industry and for the last ten-years, I’ve worked in the Home Health profession. When I told all of my Veteran clients about the Aid and Attendance benefit, I found most qualified. Remembering the difficulties of completing and submitting all of the documents required by the VA, I pulled together a team of professionals including a VA Accredited Agent and IT expertise to develop the technology required to complete the nearly thirteen-documents correctly and in a timely manner.

This did two things: One, it eliminated the difficulty and confusion of the Pension. Second, we got approvals much quicker, typically within 3-4 months vs the 12-15 months that is standard.  With our system, it’s very simple and easy to understand.  You have experts at your fingertips helping you through the process and more importantly, keeping in touch monthly after the Pension is received. This ensures you stay qualified. I look forward to helping you through the application process. It is a way I can give to those you gave to serve our country.

Scott Wells

Co-founder Texas Veteran Care

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